Programs at PDC



5yrs old and upward

At Pure Dance and Performing Arts Centre, we believe dance should be accessible to people of all abilities, and through the Rhythm Works Integrative Dance program, we can change the brain and change lives.

Our trained and certified team are equipped with the tools to be more confident and purposeful when working with different types of learners of all abilities. As a certified Rhythm Works Integrative Dance Centre it tells our community that:

  • We see opportunities instead of obstacles.
  • We see possibilities instead of problems.
  • We see diversity instead of differences.
  • We don’t give up.
  • We find a way.
  • We inspire by aspiring.
  • We lead by example.

If this resonates with you, then consider joining us at Pure Dance and Performing Arts Centre to start making a difference through dance for your child!

A little bit more!

Rhythm Works Integrative Dance is an eye-opening dance program that helps students be the best they can be!  While we are teaching dance to students who have learning differences and other special needs, you’ll walk away with the knowledge that this program and our team understand and underpin educational and developmental topics such as:

  • Sensory processing and how it effects behaviour and the learning process
  • Behavioural strategies used by ABA Therapists
  • Kinesiology and movement safety
  • Special population considerations
  • Learner types & teaching styles
  • Teaching and using rhythm to activate the brain
  • Creating developmentally appropriate choreography using simple and functional hip hop dance steps to purposefully customize a program that aids students in reaching their developmental goals as set by the Medical Practitioners and Therapists.
  • Using dance games as a learning tool
  • And so much more!

The RWID is currently offered in over 2500 studios and schools around the world, and goes well beyond the scope of dance.